Charles Dickens and Show Biz

Principal Sources and Acknowledgments

The following books contain much useful information about Charles Dickens and the performing arts:

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The Internet Movie Database (at provides useful information about motion pictures, actors, and actresses.

We are grateful for the kind assistance and support of the following individuals:

Mr. Roberto Trujillo, Department of Special Collections, Stanford University
Ms. Becky Fischbach, Department of Special Collections, Stanford University
Ms. Sally Treadway, Associates of the Stanford University Libraries, Stanford University
Mr. Charles Berliner, Theatrical Scenery and Costume Designer
Mr. Andrew Stott, Assistant Professor of English, SUNY Buffalo
Mr. Allan Sutcliffe, collector and researcher of pre-1940 Dickens adaptations

We thank the following organizations for access to archive material, and permissions to exhibit and publish:

California Historical Society.  FN-16862, FN-19627
The Cleveland Playhouse
The Dickens House Museum, London
The Manchester City Council, Department of Libraries and Theaters
New Mexico State University, Department of Theatre Arts