Charles Dickens and Show Biz

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Part One: Early Dramatizations

Tableaux Vivants

Carnival of Authors Booklet
Carnival of Authors Program
Author's Carnival Album
Dickens Carnival Scene, Mechanics Hall, Boston

Bleak House

Playbill Advertising Jo, by J. P. Burnett
Bleak House or Poor Jo, A Drama in Four Acts
Miss Jennie Lee as Jo
Sheet Music, Bleak House Ballads No. 1

The Old Curiosity Shop

Playbill Advertising Little Nelly at the Theatre Royal, Portsmouth
The Old Curiosity Shop, A Drama in Four Acts
Autograph letter from, and Portrait of Francis Lord Jeffrey
Sheet Music Mourning the Death of Little Nell
Little Nell Songster

The Cricket on the Hearth

The Cricket on the Hearth, Dramatized by Albert Smith
The Cricket on the Hearth, Lacy's Acting Edition
Playbill Advertising The Cricket on the Hearth at the Boston Museum
Playbill Advertising Dot! at the Varieties Theatre, New Orleans
Sheet Music, The Criket (sic) on the Hearth
Das Heimchen Am Herd

Pickwick Papers

Sam Weller or the Pickwickians, A Drama in Three Acts
Playbill Advertising The Pickwickians in Three Acts at the Theatre Royal, Birmingham
Playbill Advertising Mr. Weller’s Watch! Or, the Time O’ Day
Playbill Advertising Grand Benefit in Aid of the Charles Harcourt Memorial Fund
Bardell v. Pickwick Produced by Robert M. DeWitt
The Pickwickians; or, the Peregrinations of Sam Weller
Sheet Music, The Pickwickians, A Sett of Quadrilles
Sheet Music, Pickwick Galop
Bardell v. Pickwick, Adapted from the “Pickwick Papers” of Charles Dickens

The Village Coquettes

Portrait of John Braham
Title Page from the First Edition of The Village Coquettes
Sheet Music, Autumn Leaves
Sheet Music, The Ivy Green
Sheet Music, There's a Charm in Spring

The Strange Gentleman

Portrait of J. P. Harley
Playbill Advertising Wild Oats, The Strange Gentleman, and Loan of a Lover
Autograph Letter from J. P. Harley to Hubert Watkins, Esq.
Sheet Music, The Old English Gentleman
Front Cover of The Strange Gentleman, 1871 Facsimile

Joseph Grimaldi

Playbill Advertising Undine at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist, A Serio-Comic Burletta In Three Acts
Toy theater script and cutouts for Oliver Twist
A Penny Plain, and Twopence Coloured
Playbill Advertising Oliver Twist at the National Theater, Boston
Playbill Advertising Oliver Twist! or, the Parish Boy’s Progress! at the Theatre Halifax
Playbill Advertising The Artful Dodger at the Lyceum, New York City
Autograph Letter from J. L. Toole
The Artful Dodger Who Knows a Thing or Two

Nicholas Nickleby

Playbill Advertising Nicholas Nickleby, A Farce in Two Acts
Nicholas Nickleby, A Farce in Two Acts
Sheet Music, Nicholas Nickleby

Master Humphrey's Clock

Master Humphrey's Clock, A Domestic Drama in Two Acts

Barnaby Rudge

Playbill Advertising Barnaby Rudge
Sheet Music, Dolly Varden

Every Man in His Humour

Portrait of, and Autograph letter from Leigh Hunt
Playbill Advertising Every Man in His Humour

Martin Chuzzlewit

Mrs. Gamp With the Strolling Players

The Chimes

Illustration from the first edition of The Chimes
Sheet Music, The Chimes

Street Music in the Metropolis

Street Music in the Metropolis

Charles Dickens's First Visit to America

Sheet Music, Observations of Weller and The Stars

No Thoroughfare

Portrait of Charles Fechter
No Throughfare

Little Dorrit

Sheet Music, Little Dorrit's Polka and Floating Away

The Frozen Deep

Playbill Advertising The Frozen Deep, Tavistock House Theatre
A Scene from The Frozen Deep
Playbill Advertising The Frozen Deep, Free Trade Hall, Manchester
Portrait of Ellen Ternan

A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities, A Drama in Two Acts
Portrait of Sydney Carton at the Guillotine
Portrait of, and autograph letter by Thomas Carlyle
A Tale of Two Cities, A Drama in Five Acts
The [sic] Tale of Two Cities, Or the Incarcerated Victim of the Bastille

David Copperfield

Portrait of John Dickens
David Copperfield, A Drama in Two Acts
Playbill Advertising scenes from Dickens, Louisville, Kentucky Dickens Club
Sheet Music, Good night little blossom
Sheet Music, Dora to Agnes
Sheet Music, Peggotty the Wanderer

Dombey and Son

Playbill Advertising Dombey and Son, Burton's Tripler Hall Theater, New York
Three Pieces of Sheet Music derived from Dombey and Son

The Merry Wives of Windsor

Playbill Advertising The Merry Wives of Windsor, Theatre Royal, Haymarket

The Battle of Life

Playbill Advertising The Battle of Life, Theatre Royal Lyceum
The Battle of London Life, or "Boz" and his Secretary

Not So Bad As We Seem

Playbill Advertising Not So Bad As We Seem, Devonshire House

Tom Maguire's Opera House

Maguire's Opera House, San Francisco
Playbill Advertising Nicholas Nickleby, Maguire's Opera House
Playbill Advertising Little Nell and the Marchioness!, Baldwin's Theater
Playbill Advertising Mazeppa, with Portrait of Adah Isaacs Menken

Kate Fields in San Francisco

Announcement and Program for Performances at Union Square Hall

The General Theatrical Fund

Announcement for the First Anniversary Festival

Is She His Wife?

Is She His Wife? Or, Something Singular. A Comic Burletta in One Act

Mr. Nightingale's Diary

Playbill Advertising Mr. Nightingale's Diary, Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool
Mr. Nightingale's Diary

The Lighthouse

Playbill Advertising The Lighthouse, Tavistock House Theatre

Public Readings -- A New Career

Charles Dickens's Dramatic Readings as Read in America: A Christmas Carol
Little Dombey, A Christmas Carol, and David Copperfield
Announcement and Ticket Stub for Charles Dickens's Dublin Readings, 1869
Ticket Stub for Charles Dickens's 1870 Reading
Sikes and Nancy

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Trial of John Jasper for the Murder of Edwin Drood, Dickens Fellowship, London
Trial of John Jasper for the Murder of Edwin Drood, Academy of Music, Philadelphia

Part Two: Before Modern Films

Pickwick Papers

Sheet Music, Mr. Pickwick, A Musical Comedy in Two Acts
Portrait of an actor as Serjeant Buzfuz
Sheet Music, Hommage ŕ S. Pickwick, Esq. P.P.M.P.C.

Oliver Twist

Program Announcing Oliver Twist, His Majesty's Theatre, London
Portrait of Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree as Fagin and Constance Collier as Nancy
Playbill Advertising Oliver Twist, Morosco Theater, Los Angeles

Barnaby Rudge

Sheet Music, Dolly Varden
Music Supplement, the New York American and Journal, Printing Dolly Varden
Portrait of an actor as Barnaby Rudge

David Copperfield

Program Advertising David Copperfield, His Majesty's Theatre, London
Original Signed Pencil Sketch of Mr. Micawber by Bransby Williams
Portrait of Bransby Williams as Mr. Micawber
Portrait of Bransby Williams as Uriah Heep
Character Sketches from Charles Dickens Performed by Bransby Williams
Autograph letter from Sir Thomas Henry Hall Caine to Bransby Williams

A Tale of Two Cities

The Only Way
Program Announcing The Only Way, Lyceum Theatre, London

Part Three: The Modern Era

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Pickwick Papers

Poster Advertising Pickwicker, 1913
Program Advertising Pickwick Papers in Two Acts, 1913
Pickwick, A Play in Three Acts
Photo Still from The Pickwick Papers
Sheet Music, If I Ruled the World
Photograph and Autograph of Rebecca Ann King
Lyrics to A Sleighing Party

Oliver Twist

Sheet Music, Oliver Twist, 1922
VCR Tape, Oliver Twist, 1933
Poster Advertising Oliver Twist, 1951
Photo Still from Oliver Twist, 1951
Sheet Music, Vocal Selections from "Oliver!," 1960
Movie Still from Lionel Bart's Oliver!, 1968
CD Press Kit for Oliver Twist, 2005

Nicholas Nickleby

Post Production Shooting Script for Nicholas Nickleby, 1947
VCR Tape, Nicholas Nickleby, 1946
Poster Advertising Nicholas Nickleby, 1983
Promotional Photo Still from Nicholas Nickleby, Royal Shakespeare Company

The Old Curiosity Shop

Pressbook for The Old Curiosity Shop, 1962-63
Promotional Photo from The Old Curiosity Shop
Photo Still from Mr. Quilp, 1975
Original Scenic Artist's Sketch from Mr. Quilp
Post Production Script for Mr. Quilp

A Christmas Carol

Poster Advertising A Christmas Carol, 1938
Poster Advertising A Christmas Carol, 1951
Poster Advertising Scrooge, 1970
Pressbook for Scrooge, 1970
Program for The Stingiest Man in Town, 1974
Photo Still from An American Christmas Carol, 1979
Poster Advertising A Christmas Carol, 1980-81
Original Sketches of Scrooge and Marley
Original Sketch and Photograph of Scenery Wardrobe Trunk, A Christmas Carol
Original Sketch of Costume Designed for The Ghost of Christmas Past
Photo Still of Fezziwig's Ball, A Christmas Carol
Pressbook for A Christmas Carol, 1984
Photo Still from Mickey's Christmas Carol, 1984
Poster Advertising A Christmas Carol in Prose, 1984
Souvenir Brochure from A Christmas Carol, 1994
VCR Tape, A Christmas Carol, 1999

David Copperfield

Poster Advertising David Copperfield, Westcliffe-On-Sea, 1930
Poster Advertising David Copperfield, 1935
DVD, David Copperfield, 1970
Pressbook for David Copperfield, 1977
VCR Tape, David Copperfield, 2000

Hard Times

Pressbook for Hard Times, 1977

A Tale of Two Cities

Poster Advertising A Tale of Two Cities, 1935
Lobby Card for A Tale of Two Cities, 1935
Promotional Brochure Advertising A Tale of Two Cities, 1958

Great Expectations

Pressbook for Great Expectations, 1934
Poster Advertising Great Expectations, 1947
Photo Still from Great Expectations, 1947

Our Mutual Friend

Poster Advertising How Bella Was Won, 1911
Photo Stills from Our Mutual Friend, Masterpiece Theater (PBS)

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Pressbook Advertising The Mystery of Edwin Drood, 1935
Cassette Recordings for The Mystery of Edwin Drood, 1986
VCR Tape, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, 1993

Other Dickens Entertainments

Poster Advertising the "Dickens Christmas Fair"
Photo of Roy Dotrice as Charles Dickens
Photo of Roy Dotrice as John Dickens
33 rpm Audio Recordings of Charles Dickens's Stories

Charles Dickens and Show Biz in the Future

Editorial from The New York Times, April 12, 2005