The serial publication of Bleak House was completed in September, 1853.  From that time until 1870, only about nine versions appeared on stage.  However, upon Dickens’s death in 1870, a host of stage versions were produced.  The playbill here advertises Jo, which was written by J. P. Burnett.  It is for the performance at the Globe Theatre, London on March 7th, 1876, “and every evening until further notice.”  It starred Jennie Lee as Jo.  The Athenaeum for February 26th, 1876 says “Miss Jennie Lee, a young lady known principally in burlesque, plays the part of ‘Jo’ with a realism and a pathos difficult to surpass…”  In Dickens’s novel, as Jo lay dying, he recites the Lord’s Prayer.  In Burnett’s play, The Examiner of Plays prohibited Jo’s recitation of the Lord’s Prayer.  This censorship reflected the British government’s attempt to secularize theatrical performances.