This play, The Pickwickians; or, the Peregrinations of Sam Weller is a re-writing, with some differences, of Sam Weller and the Pickwickians.   The title page reads “Arranged from Moncrieff’s Adaptation of Charles Dickens’s Work, by T. H. Lacy.”  This version by Lacy includes the trial of Bardell v. Pickwick, whereas the Moncrieff version did not.  Lacy's play was published by Samuel French in 1880.  The publication states that it was performed at the Belfast, Cork, Athlone, and Norwich Theatres in 1837.  However, H. Philip Bolton, author of Dickens Dramatized, writes that Professor Mary Magowan, (lecturer on theatrical versions of Pickwick Papers), has “grave reservations that the alleged performances in Belfast, Cork, and Athlone were ever actually produced.”