Playbill announcing “A New Grand Melo Dramatic Romance, Called Undine: or, The Spirits of the Waters” at the Theatre Royal, Covent-Garden, on Wednesday, May 9th, 1821.  Joseph Grimaldi's eighteen-year-old son ("Young Grimaldi") played the role of Gyblin, the Goblin Sprite. 

Joseph Grimaldi, who had been on the stage since the age of two, was 46 when he opened on April 23, 1821 as Gyblin.  However, he gave up the role (after one week) due to exhaustion, and his son took his place. 

Joseph Grimaldi's father was a famous player of Pantaloon, and his mother was an actress specializing in the role of Columbine.

(Andrew Stott, Assistant Professor of English, SUNY Buffalo, provided clarification on the Grimaldis' performances as Gyblin in Undine.)