Oliver Twist was Dickens’s second major book.  Like Pickwick, stage versions appeared before the novel had finished its serial run in Bentley’s Miscellany.  By the 1850’s, Oliver Twist had played in over forty theaters in Great Britain and America.  This playbill announces Oliver Twist for January 23rd, 1852 at the National Theater, Boston.  It was performed as a benefit for Fanny Wallack, who had in previous performances in America made the role of “Nancy” her own.  The playbill also announces that Fanny Wallack would appear in Clari, the Maid of Milan and would sing “Home Sweet Home.”  It is interesting to note that in the early 1830’s Charles Dickens, while still a shorthand reporter, participated in an amateur theatrical production of Clari, the Maid of Milan.  While Dickens was not an actor in the 1852 version of Clari, he was producer, director, and stage manager.  Thus, Clari is a forerunner of many later theatricals which Dickens produced and directed, and in which he also acted.