Playbill advertising Oliver Twist! or, the Parish Boy’s Progress! at the Theatre Halifax, on Friday evening, March 14th, 1856.  The performance was for the benefit of Mr. R. Ross, who played the part of the Artful Dodger.  Neither the playbill nor any of the cast are recorded in Philip Bolton’s Dickens Dramatized.  The playbill illustrates the popularity of Dickens dramatizations in relatively small towns such as Halifax in Yorkshire, where members of the cast were apparently little known local actors and actresses.  On the evening of March 14th, Mr. R. Ross also played Aminidab Sleak in the comedy The Serious Family and Jem Boggs in The Wandering Minstrel.  He also sang “The Statty Fair!” in which he introduced a mock cachuca [sic] and sailor’s hornpipe.  Mr. R. Ross certainly earned whatever money he may have derived from his benefit.  The cachucha had a brief revival of popularity in America in 1990.