The play Nicholas Nickleby, A Farce, in Two Acts was written by Edward Stirling, who dedicated it to Dickens.  It was first performed at the Royal Adelphi Theatre, London on November 19th, 1838.  The play was produced after only eight monthly parts to the novel had been published.  Mrs. Keeley starred in the role of Smike.  H. Philip Bolton, author of Dickens Dramatized, writes that Dickens saw the play twice and praised Mrs. Keeley’s performance as Smike.  However, Dickens also “objected to the adaptation of any unfinished work, badly done and worse acted.”  Stirling’s play had the improbable ending in which Smike inherits a fortune.  Smike’s closing speech was “I hope we have been fortunate enough to secure the good wishes and approbation of a numerous circle of kind friends, (pointing to the audience) who by their generous sympathy and support, will ensure the future career of Smike and Nicholas Nickleby.”