One of Charles Dickensís friends was Leigh Hunt, pictured here.  Hunt was an essayist, a publisher of literary journals, and a poet.  He had a tempestuous career, once being jailed for two years for libel against the Prince Regent.  Despite his success as a writer, he was improvident and constantly in financial difficulties.  Dickens assembled a group of amateur actors and staged several performances of Ben Jonsonís Every Man in His Humour for Huntís benefit.  Accompanying Huntís portrait is a two-page autograph letter by Hunt, dated November 5th, 1838.  The letter is addressed to fellow writer R. H. Horne and ďall who may be in his confidence on the subject.Ē The letter was apparently written after an illness, as Hunt expresses gratitude for the friendship of all those who ďhave enabled the wounded old bird to sing again.Ē