In 1847 Leigh Hunt was again in financial difficulties.  Dickens and his group of amateur actors again decided to come to his aid, and again staged Every Man in His Humour.  It was performed twice in 1847, at Manchester and Liverpool.  However, the amount raised for Huntís benefit fell short by about one hundred pounds. 

To raise this amount Dickens planned to write a humorous sketch to be written in the character of Mrs. Gamp, from Martin Chuzzlewit.  Unfortunately, the enterprise was terminated and only one chapter of Mrs. Gampís monologue was written.  The little farce was to be entitled A New Piljianís Projiss, written by Mrs. Gamp, and edited by Charles Dickens.  The book exhibited here, Mrs. Gamp with the Strolling Players, was published by Lowell Palmer in 1899 from Dickensís manuscript.  Only eighty-five copies were published.  The sketch lampoons many of the amateur actors in the Hunt benefit performances, including Augustus Egg, Mark Lemon, Douglas Jerrold, George Cruikshank, and Dickens himself.