Three pieces of sheet music, each derived from Dombey and Son.  The first, Dombey & Son Quadrille, by Mrs. MacFarren was published in New York in 1848.  It has five movements dedicated to Mr. Dombey ("The First Consideration"), Florence (“The Study of a loving Heart”), Carker (“The Trusty Agent”), Edith (“The Haughty Beauty”), and Captain Cuttle (“When found make a Note on”).  The second piece of sheet music, Florence, The Study of a Loving Heart, has a quotation from page 472 of the first edition of Dombey and Son.  Florence Dombey, having been struck by her father, “Saw that she had no father upon earth, and ran out, orphaned, from his house.”  The third piece of sheet music, What Are the Wild Waves Saying, Duet founded on an incident in the narrative of Dombey and Son, Written and respectfully inscribed to Charles Dickens, Esq., is a duet sung by Little Paul Dombey and his sister Florence.  It is a sorrowful song, with Little Paul on his deathbed being comforted by Florence.