The Battle of Life was published in 1846.  As in the case of The Cricket on the Hearth, Dickens arranged with Albert Smith to write a play based on the Christmas story, and with the Keeleys to stage the production at the Lyceum.  Dickens himself took a hand in the play, attended rehearsals, made suggestions, and generally supervised its production.  This playbill announces the performance on Monday and Tuesday, January 4th and 5th, 1847 of The Battle of Life at the Theatre Royal Lyceum.  It states that the play is adapted to the stage (by the express Permission of the Author, from the Proof-sheets) by Albert Smith, Esq.  Mr. and Mrs. Keeley were both in the cast.  However, as a play The Battle of Life was a failure.  It was staged less than thirty times during the 1800ís.