In 1851 Charles Dickens collaborated with Mark Lemon to write a one-act farce entitled Mr. Nightingale’s Diary.  Dickens and his amateur troop of Strolling Players went on tour with the play for the benefit of the Guild of Literature and Art.  The Guild provided assistance to authors and artists, supplementing the pensions then provided them by the government and by certain theaters in which they had performed.  This playbill is for the September 3rd, 1852 performance of Mr. Nightingale’s Diary at the Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool for the benefit of the Guild.  Dickens had six roles in the farce.  Others in the cast were Mark Lemon and Wilkie Collins.  Mr. Nightingale’s Diary shared the bill with Used Up, in which Dickens had the part of Sir Charles Coldstream.