Dickensís reading tour in America was a huge financial success.  Total receipts were $228,000 and Dickens earned a profit after all expenses had been paid of twenty thousand pounds. 

However, Dickensís health had begun to fail.  Despite the fact that he was in almost constant discomfort or pain, upon his return to England he contracted to give one hundred additional readings throughout Great Britain for eight thousand pounds.  These began in the fall of 1868, and continued until his final reading on January 25th, 1870. 

In 1858 Dickens authorized the publication of Reading Editions.  He had condensed these from his novels and they transcribed his public readings.  Exhibited here are Little Dombey issued by Bradbury and Evans in 1858, A Christmas Carol published by Chapman and Hall in 1868, and David Copperfield and Mr. Bob Sawyer's Party published in America by Ticknor and Fields in 1868.