During Charles Dickensís lifetime, dramatizations of his stories flourished.  Hundreds of adaptations were produced.  Upon his death in 1870, there was a surge in popularity of Dickensís plays, with almost 500 being staged between 1870 and 1890.  Then, between the last decade of the nineteenth century and the introduction of silent films, the number of productions declined. 

This piece of sheet music is from Mr. Pickwick, A Musical Comedy in Two Acts.  It was produced by the DeWolf Hopper Opera Co. in 1903.  The play was written by Charles Klein, the lyrics by Grant Stewart, and the music by Manuel Klein.  It opened on January 19th, 1903 at the Herald Square Theater, New York City and ran for 32 performances.  DeWolf Hopper had the starring role, as Mr. Pickwick.  The play was subsequently performed in Newark and Denver.