A poster advertising Pickwicker,  filmed in 1913.  John Bunny was in the leading role as Samuel Pickwick.  The film was done in three reels, each showing a separate scene from the novel: "The Honourable Event;" "The Westgate Seminary," and "The Shooting Party."  This poster shows Mr. Pickwick in the Pound, from "The Shooting Party." 

John Bunny grew up in Brooklyn.  He ran away to join a roving minstrel show, and then progressed in show business as an actor, stage manager, and director.  In 1910, Bunny became associated with Vitagraph, where he quickly became the first comic star of American silent films.  On upper Broadway stand the remains of the Bunny Theater, built by Bunny (two masonry rabbit heads adorn the fašade).  Bunny weighed over 300 pounds, and in addition to playing a comic Pickwick, he made more than  150 short comedies.  He also played a dramatic role in Vanity Fair.