Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol has inspired more dramatizations than any of his books except Oliver Twist.  In the twentieth century alone, hundreds of “Carols” were performed not only on film and TV, but in stage musicals and in school auditoriums.

This image is from a movie poster advertising A Christmas Carol, released by MGM in 1938.  This version was written by Hugo Butler, produced by Joe Mankiewicz, and directed by Edwin L. Marin.  Reginald Owen played Scrooge; Gene Lockhart, Bob Cratchit; and Terry Kilburn, Tiny Tim.  Reginald Owen had a variety of film and stage roles over a period of forty years, including a part in A Tale of Two Cities in 1935.  Gene Lockhart and his wife Kathlene Lockhart both appear in this 1935 film.  They are the parents of the actress June Lockhart, who is probably best remembered for her role as Ruth Martin in the TV series Lassie.