The Doris Baizley production of A Christmas Carol is unique.  It is performed as a play within a play, in which a poverty-stricken theater company attempts to present A Christmas Carol.  All of the participants play dual roles.  The stage manager doubles as Scrooge, the director as Marley, and the prop-boy as Tiny Tim.  This commedia dell’arte approach is enhanced by Charles Berliner’s costumes and set designs.  Exhibited here is a photograph of Berliner’s original sketch of a twelve- foot-high by eight-foot-wide wardrobe trunk, which opens up and from which the actors emerge.  The trunk is also designed so that Scrooge's bed emerges from it, and so that it can act as a platform for street scenes.  Also shown is a photograph of the actor Wayne S. Turney opening the trunk with a huge key.